The Long Short Road

Who We Are

Who are we?

The Long Short Road is a non-profit organization passionate about fostering a resilient world through psycho-education and community support. We know that the journey to achieve mental wellness can be a long one. We're here to support YOU in your unique journey, through education, private consultations, and a vast referral network.

What does it mean?

The concept of The Long Short Road comes from Chassidic philosophy. We live in a short-cut-focused world. Do this, and you’ll be rich. Do this, and you’ll be skinny. Do this, and you’ll be happy. This is "the short long road” approach. At first glance, it seems like you are on the right path because it promises quick results. Yet when you find yourself on this path, you face impossible obstacles and you likely never reach your destination. The Long Short Road is the path of healing. It appears long and overwhelming at the start, it promises no quick results, and it forces you to show up, in a real way, each day. It can demand so much from you, pushing you further than you imagined possible. It's the road worth taking. We believe in taking The Long Short Road. We are here with you to take the slow yet steady steps towards healing and recovery.

What do we do?

We offer a three-pronged approach of education, consulting, and financial assistance. Our psycho-education courses focus on suicide awareness, emotional regulation, and holistic mental wellness. The workshops are custom tailored to fit the needs of the audience. We have trained everyone from teens to firefighters, clinical social workers to clergy. Our warm-line provides support to individuals in crisis and their families. We provide a listening ear, empathetic support, and referrals. The most common barrier to seeking therapeutic treatment is cost. We're here to change that. We provide scholarships to help offset the cost of therapy. It takes a village to heal one. Join us on this long-short journey.

Our Team

Leigh Ioffe

Founder & Executive Director

Leigh is the founder and director of The Long Short Road. Leigh oversees the development of psych0-educational programs, and warm-line and consultation services. Leigh is passionate about supporting people on their unique healing journeys.  Additionally, Leigh is a wife, mom, published fiction author, and soon to be graduate student in social work.

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