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I really appreciated the opportunity to attend this session. I found it to be very informative. What I loved about it is that Leigh made it real. She presented it to us from the human perspective rather than a PowerPoint featuring lots of statistical data. I found that it tapped into the compassionate side of me, where I was able to view the individuals as real people who are suffering. She also clearly outlined what we, as future social workers, can and cannot do, and I found that to be so helpful. Thank you for this workshop; it was excellent.

I very much appreciated the suicide prevention program that we had last week. I did have some understanding and training in suicide and suicide prevention. I feel this gave me better insight into understanding suicide, talking about the topic, how to handle it, getting involved, safety planning, and many other topics covered during the 90-minute program. Thank you for teaching and helping me understand suicide and prevention deeper. It is something I know I will need as I continue on in Social work

This workshop was very informational and made me feel really comfortable. Helping others and myself is very important and suicide should be more talked about.

Incredible experience learning about suicide prevention. Will definitely recommend and thank you for saving lives.

Amazing organization! Thank you Gelt Charitable Foundation for a very informative workshop on suicide prevention and for creating much needed awareness.

It was educational and I think it was helpful, they talked about what to do if you need help or how to help someone, and it was educational and informational.

I I feel like I now feel comfortable knowing that I have skills that can save a life. It's no longer a fear of not knowing what to do because I have a plan. The workshop was amazing. Thank you!

An incredible workshop with lessons that need to be heard by all. From start to finish, this talk was filled with facts, guides, and tools which help you feel equipped to help someone who is desperately in need. We are all lifeguards and it is essential that we learn how to access our power to help.​​

Thank you for a very clear, kind and informative session on how to be a support to someone who is grappling with suicide.

LSR presented If You See Something, Say Something to our organization. It was very informative and eye opening. Leigh was very organized and thorough and made everyone feel comfortable with such a heavy topic.

A very useful workshop, addressed a difficult topic and gave a lot of helpful information. We always hope we won't need the information, but it is good that we have it.

The Suicide Prevention Workshop provided key strategies to help those we care about who may be considering suicide. It was important to hear about misconceptions around suicide and very beneficial to learn skills necessary to be a mental health "lifeguard". As a sorority advisor, I am grateful to be able to better support the collegiate women that I support. I am thankful that my chapter officers and general membership were also able to participate in this worthwhile program.

I never knew such a thing existed. I thought there were only suicide hotlines. I appreciate the way Leigh differentiated the two and showed how her system is set up where those who call will actually get responded to (either in the moment or a call back shortly), which gives hope to the person as opposed to their call not being answered for 45 minutes. I also did not know there is a number to call where their goal is not just to admit one into a hospital, but rather see what the individual may need and to avoid the hospital if it's not necessary. I found it very valuable the way Leigh kept breaking down to 8 dimensions of wellness. It created a clear vision of how many parts exist for one person and the importance of helping clients acknowledge all their parts so as not to only focus on the part that is possibly not doing well at this moment.

I thought the suicide prevention workshop was extremely informative. The slides and graphics were very clear and really added to the presentation. I really learned a lot and feel much more confident in being able to identify warning signs and risk factors. It was my first time learning about this topic, so I found it very helpful. I definitely wish I saw this at the beginning of my internship, but thankfully I didn't need it. I was able to get notes from another intern who took them during the workshop. I think a handout of some of the things discussed would be amazing, so that this information could be easily accessible- for example a basic outline of safety planning questions one could ask a client. But now that I got notes from the other intern, I have it written down. Thank you!

Amazing workshops; engaging and informative. The staff are extremely dedicated and are making a difference in our communities!

The emotional regulation workshop was incredibly helpful, and shed light to many things in my daily life I had no idea I had been overlooking. Thank you LSR for also focusing on every day mental health.

This a really great project that's helping shed light over mental health. The class was given in a super light and easy to understand way. 10/10

This was one of the best presentations I have ever listened to, and believe me I have gone to tons of Zoom trainings since the start of Coronavirus. Leigh is a dynamic, knowledgeable presenter with heart, who packed an amazing amount of content (and motivation) into a mere 60-minutes. Although I am a mental health professional myself, I still learned a lot from her.

If You See Something, Say Something" is a clear, and concise presentation in how to recognize signs of suicide. Aside from what to notice in someone's behavior, many resources are offered as hope and help to someone in distress. A very difficult topic to learn about, the session is extremely helpful and important.

I want to thank this foundation for holding the class on suicide prevention. The talk was very interesting and informative. The organization of the event was impeccable. These trainings are very important to be alert and be able to help. I congratulate you for your effort. Thank you!

Learning the four steps and dispelling myths are great tools in helping someone with suicidal ideation. But the most telling concept of the course for me, was the information on the Suicide Mind; gaining clarity on what someone with suicidal ideation is thinking. Thank you! ​

This was an excellent workshop that was factual and honest about the dangers of ignoring warning signs and being uncomfortable with a conversation about suicide. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to be empowered to help save lives.

I truly felt the training was super helpful and informative, I definitely feel more confident now when discussing suicide with clients (hopefully I won't need to). The leader was so informative! I liked how she was so detailed and really took the time to explain each topic within suicide prevention such as how to ask, be direct and creating a support system.

This was an excellent workshop that was factual and honest about the dangers of ignoring warning signs and being uncomfortable with a conversation about suicide. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to be empowered to help save lives.

I found the suicide prevention training to be extremely thorough and helpful, even in the short amount of time we had. The most valuable aspect for me was learning about the importance of open communication and active listening when talking to people who may be at risk. The materials and resources were very helpful and easy to understand , and I definitely feel more confident in identifying warning signs after participating in the workshop. I always feel like I need more training, especially when discussing such huge topics like suicide prevention, but I did find the training to be highly valuable.

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