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what you gain from our workshops

Suicide Prevention Workshops:

You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone is a holistic mental wellness seminar that provides participants with tools to understand and support their mental health, no matter where they are in their journey. This 90 minute session provides insight into understanding mental health through a bio-psycho-social lens, and is tailored to be age appropriate for teens and adults alike. Emphasis is placed on developing hands on, practical skills to support ones’ wellbeing.

If You See Something, Say Something

If You See Something, Say Something is a suicide prevention workshop that equips participants with the tools to help in time of crisis. Participants will gain a better understanding of suicidality, debunk myths related to suicide, and develop hands-on tools to help someone struggling with suicidal ideation.

Nothing Showing

Nothing Showing is a first responder and armed forces suicide prevention workshop. The workshop equips service professionals with actionable steps to increase their awareness of, and prevent, suicide. This workshop is tailored to understanding suicide among armed forces and veterans, firefighters, and police officers.


safeTALK is a three hour, in person course, developed by LivingWorks. It prepares anyone 15 or older, regardless of prior experience or training, to recognize warning signs, effectively communicate with individuals who are thinking about suicide, and connect them with life-saving intervention resources. This workshop is presented by our educator, Leigh Ioffe.

Mental wellness workshops:

The Power Within: Emotional Regulation

Do you find yourself swept up by or controlled by your emotions? Are you afraid to feel? Do you consider emotions like anger and sadness to be "bad"? This interactive seminar will take you on a journey to understand, work with, and make peace with your emotions, through practical and easy-to-implement skills.

At Home in Yourself: Mindfulness For Real Life

At Home In Yourself is a 3-part exploration of mindfulness, and mindful living. Mindfulness, or living aware and awake to our lives in the present moment, is a practice and skill that has proven to be effective in a variety of settings, including working with physical or mental illness. Each week, groups will meet to discuss mindfulness, and participate in mindfulness practices such as mindful meditation, mindful eating, and mindful writing. Groups are limited to 15 individuals per session.

Writing To Heal

Writing To Heal is a 4-part exploration of creative writing as a tool for working with trauma. Writing and owning our stories is an essential tool in helping us heal. Participants will engage in a variety of writing and creative techniques in order to hold, make space for, and change their stories. This program was developed based on the research of Dr. John Pennebaker and Dr. Jordan Peterson. Groups are limited to 10 participants per session.

what participants are saying:

The suicide prevention program was dynamic, insightful, practical, and useful. The workshop taught students real-world, life saving tools, packaged in an easy to digest format. I strongly recommend this workshop for any organization looking to providing resources for suicide prevention.
Martin Galla, Ph.D
Director of Yeshiva University Counseling Center
I am so happy I attended this workshop. I genuinely learned so much. There is so much about suicide that I did not know that I now know. I now know how to recognize red flags and how to approach someone who may be suicidal. This workshop also cleared up a lot of false stigmas. Thank you!
Hannah Ferber
Trained with Sigma Delta Tau
With mental health being such an important topic these days we were grateful for the opportunity to host this program. Leigh was an amazing presenter and our Chapter Advisors and staff took away a great deal. We look forward to utilizing this information to help our organization and its members.
Andrew Neiberg
Director of Campus Operations Alpha Epsilon Pi

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